A mix of consultant, entrepreneur and academic

In 2017, I published This I Know, a hard-hitting commentary that explains the fantasies, fiction and fantastic potential of the Ageing Business. This is my third and final book about older consumers. This isn’t your usual marketing textbook. Not one bullet point, not one marketing matrix, not one graph and not one citation. It is long on predictions, conclusions and advice, and short on analysis and references.

Marketing to the Ageing Consumer was co-authored with Kim Walker and is the first marketing book that reveals how companies can prosper from the physical, sensory and cognitive ageing of their customers. Published in 2013, it explores the new products they will require and how to adapt all aspects of the customer experience.​

Way back in 2005 I partnered with Omnicom to write The 50-Plus Market. This covered all aspects of marketing from advertising and media selection to market segmentation and website design. This has become the leading marketing book on the subject.

A world-class authority on the subject

My research has been used to produce the first app/web tool that enables companies to evaluate all of the touchpoints in their customer journey. A version of the app can be downloaded from iTunes.

Much more than theory

I was one of the first to use social media to discuss the business issues of older consumers. Now containing over 5,000 posts, my blog is one of the most comprehensive sources of information on the subject.

At the leading edge

I have a long list of clients including GSK, Accor, Royal Mail, Toyota, Cancer Research, Omnicom, BBH and lots and lots of others.

Big-name clients

I was a pioneer in recognising the business opportunities of ‘digital’ and published a book imploring industry to adapt and exploit its potential. Internet Strategies  was published over 15 years ago! I was the first visiting lecturer on digital marketing at London Business School and the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Digital marketing pioneer​

Before running my own companies my career included working for IBM and PA Management Consultants.

At the dawn of time I collected a first degree in Electronics and an MBA from Cranfield Business School.

Corporate and academic experience

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