Get the basics right

There are five universal truths – ignore at your peril​

  • Physiological ageing – the only thing that all older consumers have in common.
  • Physiological ageing – affects virtually all of the touchpoints in the customer journey.​
  • Touchpoints that satisfy the needs of older consumers work for all other ages.
  • An outstanding customer experience requires all the touchpoints to be age-neutral.
  • An age-neutral customer experience costs no more than one that isn’t.

You must have metrics

Before you can improve marketing performance you must be able to measure it.

This was a primary reason for developing a tool that directly measures the quality of the service delivered by each touchpoint in the customer journey.

The AF Tool evaluates each touchpoint to ensure it works for consumers all ages. It uses an iPad app and a cloud-based web tool.

This technology generates reports showing how well a company is responding to the needs of their older customers. We have replaced guesswork with detailed metrics.

This is a proprietary tool that is owned and used by 20plus30 and Silver Group.

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A uniform CX for all ages

We ensure that adults of all ages can fully engage with a brand.​

The AF Tool’s model and metrics add a new dimension to a company’s CX programme by identifying and prioritizing the physical, sensory and cognitive issues that adversely impact the customer experience. We call this technique Lifetime CX.

The use of Lifetime CX should occur as early in the construction of customer touchpoints as possible. Designing touchpoints to be age-friendly adds no extra costs. Retrofitting touchpoints can be expensive (very).

Lifetime CX identifies problems before they impact customers and its results are universally applicable.