I help companies to better serve their customers of all ages

In the past I would have called myself a marketer. This is too vague a description.​ ​I focus on a single aspect of customer experience that helps companies create an age-neutral CX.​


For the last 10 years I have been a marketing consultant specialising in older consumers. Having written the textbook on the subject, this is not surprising. ​

I now focus on how the physical, sensory and cognitive ageing of consumers impacts the customer experience.​

I am uniquely placed to provide this advice, having researched and written the foremost book on the subject. That research has been transformed into a proprietary computer model – the AF Tool.

I provide the ‘soft’ consultancy of how companies can use the research that is based on the ‘hard’ metrics of the AF Tool.

Much of my consultancy is done in conjunction with Silvergroup, which adds their specialist knowledge of Asia Pacific and the advertising industry.

Together we have created the model of Lifetime CX that ensures that adults of all ages are able to fully engage with a brand. We recently launch a simplified version of our AF Tool that can be downloaded from iTunes.


Marketing Workshops
I have taught at London and Southampton Business School and pioneered both digital and older consumer marketing training for the UK’s Chartered Institute of Marketing.​

The style and structure of my workshops enable managers to understand the issues of physiological ageing as it affects their company, maybe their brand or just one part of the customer journey.

I will soon be launching a new range of workshop that help senior managers anticipate and avoid the pitfalls that threaten most strategies for engaging older consumers.​


I have spoken about the issues involved in marketing to ageing consumers at conferences in New York, Dublin, Cairo, Toronto, Singapore and of course London. I have spoken to at least 100 events in the past decade.

The subjects have ranged from market segmentation to how older people use digital technology.

Now I limit my speaking to the marketing issues resulting from physiological ageing. Mostly it is about evaluating and improving the customer experience for older consumers and all of the issues involved in the Lifetime CX.
Dick Stroud Speaking


Marketing Copywriters
Too much corporate content aims to influence and inform older consumers is of a poor quality. Much of this is in a digital format.
This ranges from marketing messages and packaging content to product instructions.

I work with a team of specialist copywriters to help companies create copy that is age-neutral and that resonates with consumers of all ages.

This service works in conjunction with the AF Tool to evaluate touchpoints for the quality of their text.